Sunday, February 26, 2012

TEMF: Tulsa Electronic Music Festival

Tulsa Electronic Music Festival will take place on the Pedestrian Bridge. A chain-link fence placed on the upper wall area to ensure perfect safety of the festival's attendees. The bridge will be the main stage, with the dj booth in the outlook tower. Speakers will be placed along the bridge. Additional stages will be in tents on both sides of the bridge, especially good use of the piers that have an small arena will be used. Vendors will be placed present and the whole event will be gated. a special passageway will be made for those not attending the festival to get through the park. The festival will be all day, and all nite if rules permit. Afterparties can be thrown by other venues throughout Tulsa to honor the festival. Partybuses to and from a sponsor hotel will be provided for those staying at a hotel, especially for those travelling out of town.

The bridge stage will be for Headliner Djs, special Guest out of country djs.
The Tent stage and Curve stage will be for local Oklahoman djs
and the arena stage will be for American djs. Each stage will be sponsored, for example, the Arena stage could be the Beatport stage..

TEMF is to bring culture to Tulsa and to inspire art and culture in generations to come. Additonal tents of art shows, performance events are welcomed and many art merchants can show their art in the huge art tents near the bridge. This will enrich Tulsa's future for generations to come.
 the Riverparks Authority spent 15,000usd on Christmas lights. To re-use them for TEMF would put the lights to good use again. LOL.
 the arena stage below and the fountain that will be lit up with colored lights.
Many dj lights, lazers, video projections will be projected from the pedestrian bridge for a spectacular show. The pedestrian bridge will be covered in christmas lights. The Fountain nearby in the arena will be running and lit up with colored lights. There will be fireworks as well. The combination of them will make for the most dazzling light performance. This is the most perfect location for a rave!

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